Snakewine is a must-see for every rock music enthusiast.

Just imagine putting an incredibly talented guitarist with Slash and Guns’n’Roses posters over his bed on stage, place a man who’s heard even without a mic next to him and back those fuckers with a solid oldschool drummer and bassist and pay them to set the place and crowd on fire.

You are about to witness one of the ballsiest liveshows out there.

Debut album 'Serpent Kings'

Our very frist record, released on 31st October 2015.
If you wanna get your copy, just leave us a mail with your name and address at or buy a digital copy using the links below.

  1. Breathtaker
  2. Son of a gun
  3. Brood of vipers
  4. Mean Machine
  5. Serpent King
  6. Double barreled
  7. The devil you know
  8. Shipwrecked